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Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall Mani 2, Abstract Leaves

I have been playing around trying to figure out how to do a colorful fall leaf mani, and finally think I like this one. What I was trying to capture is when the leaves are just starting to change color. It goes from green, yellow, orange, red, and than a gorgeous burgundy! Hope you like how my concept turned out...
Started with a base color of Wet n Wild: I need a Refresh-Mint, than with my other colors just dabbing on splots to replicate abstract leaves I used China Glaze: Starboard, Color Club: Most Famous, NYC: Traffic Jam Orange, butter LONDON: Pillar Box Red, and Zoya: Riley, and top coat of Out the Door.
I think it turned out ok, sometimes when I look at it I think of a rainbow... but I tired! Maybe ill think of another technique later this month to retry fall leaves.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

LDTTWC Day 2, It's Vintage, Darling!

Yes I already have the second challenge complete for this week, I was sooo excited about this challenge I knew right away what I wanted to do! It turned out exactly how I thought to :) My inspiration was the poodle skirts from the 50's, see pic below.
To achieve this look I started with base color Orly: Flirty Girl, Purple for the skirt is Wet N Wild: On a Trip, for the legs I used Zoya: Avery, and my white and black pen for the details along with the poodle. Top coat of Out the Door. 
Isn't it just perfect! you can see the puffiness of the skirt by how it expands across four nails and the legs are on the middle nails. OMG the poodle is SOOO cute! Let see what is coming up for next weeks challenge!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

BAM! Purple Sparkle!!

I have found the BEST light purple sparkle :) If you remember a couple months ago I found the best dark purple sparkle. I am pretty sure this one is now my favorite of all time. It isn't a new color just one that I found a swatch of on a random blog and decided I must order it!
To start the mani I used Wet n Wild- On a Trip as my base, 1 coat. Than for the sparkle it is China Glaze: Marry A Millionaire, 1 coat also. Top coat of Out the Door.
This polish was SO easy to apply and you only needed one coat. This is a different glitter bomb because it has stringy glitter (see picture above) such a pretty macro shot. You can also see the green glitters, that makes it so interesting to look at! Overall this mani is supper shiny in the sun which is perfect for this summer :)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Blue Water Marble

This is by far my best water marble to date, love the shapes I was able to create and it turned out great on both hands! It is always so hard for me to get my left hand good, being left handed, but I got it this time :D

To start I did 3 coats of Wet n Wild Megalast: Break the Ice, I didn't use plain white cause last time it showed thru in spots and I hated it. For my marbling colors I did. China Glaze: Shower Together, Blue Iguana, and Studio M: Whose that Girl. Top coat of Out the Door. It is actually hard to see the three colors cause Blue Iguana is Glittery but blends in with Shower Together. Next time I will have to remember to change the order so it is separated from Shower Together.
I choose blue colors because its my Sisters prom tomorrow and that is the color of her dress! I wish she was letting me do this on her nail,  but of course she wants a french mani done with her fake nails :P Instead of using the petroleum jelly like last time I used tape and defiantly will continue with this method.
When you water marble do you start with your good hand first? I think next time I will be switching it up.