Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Quick Stray Away From the Norm..

First off Happy Halloween!! I am a bad blogger today, I don't even have halloween nails for you :( Sorry for the absentee last two days, my laptop was having problems, than I also have had a sore throat since saturday so I have been lazy with painting my nails.
Today I wanted to share with you a jewelry company that two of my coworkers have on etsy, V&H Designs. We all know how wonderful etsy is for finding one of kind items and especially some sweet nail polish brands. These two girls create alot of unique and beautiful jewelry pieces, I wanted to share with you what they made me :) First off what I asked for was a purple and white flower necklace, check out this beauty!
Each petal is indivualy made and placed together out of clay. I even love the ribbon and cord as the necklace part. They make bracelts, necklaces, and rings!! They have some cute button rings you need to check out!
I really wanted to share this piece with you also, It is compeletly gorgeous!!
To view more of their work visit their etsy shop, V&H Designs here.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sat-ART-Day, Halloween-Sparkle Candy Corn

Todays theme is Halloween, which it is now 4 days away! I will admit I am not the biggest fan of Halloween, the only thing that gets me so excited is having the excuse to eat alot of candy :) For my halloween nails that I will be wearing this weekend, have sense yesterday (shhh) I have sparkly candy corn!!
I started with two coats of China Glaze: White on White, free handing stripes in different directions I used Color Club: Almost Famous and Wet N Wild: Traffic Jam Orange. Using China Glaze: Liquid Leather and nail art brush I drew the candy corn shape and filled black around the outside. Than using gold, orange, and silver glequins I attached them to the corresponding colors.
This has been my favorite Halloween mani that I have done thus far, I love how it pops off the black background :) Gosh I love glequins, so versatile add sparkle to anything!!

I also entered this mani into a contest, I would love for you to vote for me! Click here. Thanks in advance :)

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Models Own, Swatch and Nail Art

Wahoo today I am showing you my first Models' Own polishes!! Couple months ago they had a sale for half off and figured I should grab some. I got five polishes and today I am showing you two, so far they are my favorites :)
First up is my swatch of Pinky Brown Beetle Juice. Shown is two coats with top coat of Out the Door. Great formula and brush was easy to use.
I than used Mystic Mauve and created a gradient of dots starting at the base of the nail. Using large dotting tool first and moving to smaller as I reach the tip of the nail.
These colors are sooo shiny! I love deep burgundys and that is what Pinky Brown is. Also excited to use Mystic Mauve with other purples :)
Do you own any Models' Own? Which is your favorite?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Glitter Daze Swatches

I have two swatches of a new indie brand to me, its Glitter Daze! I bought some samples recently and am excited to share them with you today! First up is a gorgeous coppy/rose shimmer, Prima Donna.
Base color is Essie: Penny Talk, with two coats of Glitter Daze: Prima Donna, top coat of Seche Vite. This is another one of those glitters that make you feel like your wearing expensive polish, so shiny!
Next up is a purple shimmer and sparkle, Upgrade You!

Base color is one coat of Sally Hansen: Lavendar Cloud, two coats of Glitter Daze: Upgrade You, top coat of Seche Vite. This glitter is a white jelly base that you could build on its own for complete opacity. A fun surprise in this polish is the light lime green glitters, which goes great with the purple! Here is a macro shoot to show you the mini purple shimmer, its really gorgous!!
Yet another amazing indie brand! I am just a sucker for all the glitter, it surely is amazing what some of the girls can come up with :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Laser Lace

Today I am showing you my first attempt with using Laser Lace. You can buy this at the Dollar Nail Art Store. It was very simple to use, and gives you a cool effect, they have lots of colors also.
I used another new Zoya: Gem. You can kind of see in the picture the gold shimmer, which was gorgeous next to the gold laser lace. Top coat of Out the Door.
It took maybe three top coats to go over the laser lace to give a smooth finish which didn't bother me at all. Very simple mani with a neat affect. Make sure to check out the Dollar Nail Art store, link can be found at the right of this post.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Zoya Gilty, 18k Gold!!

I am so excited to share with you my 18k gold top coat! I got my Gilty Pleasure Box over the weekend and finally got to try it out today! Zoya announced this 18k gold topcoat back in September, and you had to pre order them since it was limited edition. Hopefully you were able to order your's before they sold out! The gilty pleasure box came with a white and black polish, here is my swatch!
I did a gradient using the black and white Purity and Raven. One coat of Gilty and top coat of Out the Door.
Ahhh I love it so much! Gilty is gorgeous in the bottle and on my nails! I never thought I would have real gold nail polish. Between the black and white I think I like the black with gold better since it really pops, I can't wait to try different colors!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Witchy Mani

I have seen so many Halloween nails this month from other bloggers and I decided on doing one that had this awesome tutorial.
The two colors I used were China Glaze: Liquid Leather and White on White. I used my black Art Club Duo Pen to draw the witch, finished the mani with Out the Door.
I liked this design cause it was something I would have never thought of. I usually just think of jack o latens, candy corn, and black cats when it comes to Halloween.
Whats your favorite thing about Halloween??

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sat-ART-Day, Reptile

I am in love with the mani I have to show you today! Our theme for this saturday is reptile, and boy am I out of my element here! This is why I love these kind of challenges it makes me do something that I would never do on my own :) Check out my snakey mani..
Base color is OPI:  DS Opulence, I used China Glaze: White on White and sponged alittle than I stamped with China Glaze: Prey Tell, stamping plate: BM-215, and top coat of Out the Door.
Extra picture to show the shine of  OPI DS Opulence

Sooo I didn't go completely out of my element, I used colors that normal snakes probably don't have, but I love it!! I haven't dont a full stamp manicure in a while it seems, I love how easy it is to get a nice looking mani.
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Friday, October 19, 2012

Accent Spider and Web

Today I have another halloweeny mani, I bought this gorgeous pastel/creamy orange and immediately knew I had to use it in a Halloween mani :) The brand is new to me, I found it at Rite Aid. Check it out.
Base color is two coats of Julie: 9 to 5 (possibly color name), using stamping plate BM- 13 I stamped the spider web with Kleancolor: Metallic Orange, and the spider with Konad Special Nail Polish: Black. For the remaining fingers I used plate: Mash-38 with Metallic Orange. Top coat of Out the Door.
I love how the two oranges look together, I don't think I have ever worn orange nails before. I choose to do only an accent spider nails since I think having them all would be to busy. The full stamp design is possibly an animal print?? I just thought it looked spooky which is what Halloween is about!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

BPS- Gold Glitter Swatch

A quick glitter swatch post today, this one is amazing I feel like im worth a billion dollars wearing this sparkle gold!
Base color is one coat of Essie: Gold as Gold, with one Coat of Born Pretty Store: Gold Glitter. Top coat of Seche Vite.
You could probably get away with two coats of this glitter on its own if you really want a glitter bomb, its packed full. Make sure to visit The Born Pretty Store and check out all their awesome nail polish related items. You can also get 10% off with code- MLE10W21!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jack o Laten and Pumpkin Puke Swatch

Looks like Halloween is around the corner, means it's time for some halloweeny nails, and of course I got an awesome Halloween polish from Perception Nail Lacquer. It is called pumpkin puke, how creative, so I had to add a jack o lantern for a fun touch.
My base color is one coat of NYC: Traffic Jam Orange, Two coat of Perception Nail Lacquer: Pumpkin Puke, used my black duo pen for the pumpkin face, Top coat of Seche Vite.
I loved the Pumpkin Puke polish was great formula and such a pretty glitter. More Halloween themed mani;s to come as we get closer to the day!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Man Glaze and Perception Nail Laquer

I have two swatches to show today. Nothing like a quick glitter post.
This is Manglaze: Hot Mess in three coats. I didn't put a base coat under cause I wanted complete sparkleyness!
I added Perception Nail LacquerL Speckled Sparkle in one coat ontop. Top coat of Seche Vite
Pretty glitters!! Of course pictures don't do the glitter justice but just trust me :) I am excited to use Hot Mess as a top coat over different colors, matte sparkles are so amazing!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Mani 3, Pumpkins

I am excited about my nails today. I originally got the idea to do this from Rebecca Likes Nails she did this mani with apples, view it here. So in the spirit of fall I changed it to pumpkins instead!
My base color is Zoya: Avery, orange is NYC: Traffic Jam Orange, green is Nicole by OPI: Khloe and a Little Lam Lam, top coat of Out the Door
I love how cute this mani is, I got alot of compliments at one of my jobs :)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sat-ART-Day, 1950's

I recently joined a new facebook club and I am so excited to be a part of it. There are tons of challenges to join in on and I choose the Sat-ART-Day group. This means on every Saturday I will be posting some nail art on themes given to me. Last week started the challenge and I was to busy to post one so I am starting out with this week's theme 1950's.
Since I just finished the Time Warp Challenge I knew right away what to do for the 1950's. You may remeber my poodle skirt mani that I did for one of the challenges, I just loved it so much I wanted to recreate the look with a different twist.
My base colors are China Glaze: White on White and Zoya: Renea. I used my nail art duo black pen to draw on the poodle, and konad special black with stmaping plate CH-3  . Top coat of Out the door.
The checkerboard black and white is to represent the tile that was popular during the time. The stamping turned out perfect I couldn't stop looking at it. 1950's must of been a fun time to live during!

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall Mani 2, Abstract Leaves

I have been playing around trying to figure out how to do a colorful fall leaf mani, and finally think I like this one. What I was trying to capture is when the leaves are just starting to change color. It goes from green, yellow, orange, red, and than a gorgeous burgundy! Hope you like how my concept turned out...
Started with a base color of Wet n Wild: I need a Refresh-Mint, than with my other colors just dabbing on splots to replicate abstract leaves I used China Glaze: Starboard, Color Club: Most Famous, NYC: Traffic Jam Orange, butter LONDON: Pillar Box Red, and Zoya: Riley, and top coat of Out the Door.
I think it turned out ok, sometimes when I look at it I think of a rainbow... but I tired! Maybe ill think of another technique later this month to retry fall leaves.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tip Top Nails, Review, Part 2

Today I have the rest of my goodies from Tip Top, last colored polish I received is a copper brown metallic, named Coffee Mellow.
Pictured is two coats of Coffee Mellow, with Out the Door top coat. Formula and brush were perfect and dry time was quicker than the other polishes I showed you yesterday.  It has a great metalic finish and pretty fall color.

I also received french manicure nail polish set to try out. I was very excited for this chance, one thing I loved the most when younger was doing my own french manicures. Now I have the perfect set :)
Directions stated to start with white than wait for it to dry and apply two coats of the pink. The package also came with stickers to get the perfect line. My nail tips are shaped wierd and I don't like thick french tips so ignore the little sides that you can see natural tip line. The polishes applied very easily, french pink was so shiny and left such a smooth finish I didn't even use a top coat!!

My last item to review for you is Tip Top's cuticle treatment. One thing that I am not good at is keeping my cuticles moisturized, I know some of you see this in my pictures :S. Whenever I have down time at work I usually use my Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Lotion. It just takes long and my hands get messy with the lotion so I was very excited to try this one out.
All you do is brush the oil on your cuticles like you are painting your nails. I found that the best time to apply this was as soon as I was complete with my mani, after clean up. I would let it soak for 5-10min, usually while polish is drying, than I washed my hands to remove extra oil.
One thing that I had a problem with was the brush ends seemed to be stuck together in certain places so was alittle hard to brush on. Not sure if this was just my brush default, either way having a brush is alot nicer than having to massage on lotion. My hands were mess free :) Formula seems to work great I can see a good difference in my cuticles and hopefully you can see them also in my photos!

Over all I enjoyed all of the polishes I received from Tip Top Nails. This is a great brand, I wish they had some stores near me to buy some more. I love trying out different brands and so happy I was able to show you all this one. Thanks so much Joan!

Please contact Joan thru email to purchase this polish.

*The products in this review were given/sent to me by Tip Top Nails in exchange for my honest opinion. The opinions within this review are completely my own.*

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tip Top Nails Review, Part 1

I am excited to share with you a brand that is new to me, Tip Top Nails. Tip Top is a South African nail enamel brand that has been used mostly in the professional market and is now available to us the consumers! Check out their website here. My first color to show you today is a really gorgeous shimmery pink.

This is two coats of Flamingo Pink. Top coat of Out the Door. The formula was amazing I could of got away with one coat but of course wanted to see how two coats look, and it really didn't make to much of a difference.
Also the color is so interesting, when I first looked at the bottle I thought was a red and when I applied it its like a bright salmon color. I kept looking at it to figure out  what color it is and I decided it truly is Flamingo Pink, think of the plastic flamingos to decorate lawn and it is exactly it!

I also got a crackle polish from Tip Top. U Crack Me Up, is a duo ended polish with crackle and a top coat.
Application is the same as other crackle polishes, one coat over a base color. It applied alittle streaky which I was scared was going to mess with the crackle but it turned out awesome! I really like how it didn't turn out bright white but with a pink tint. I haven't worn crackle in a long time and this was a nice refreshment.

Next color I have to show you is Purple Haze. Can you believe they sent me a purple sparkle! Its like she knew exactly what I would want :)
Base color is one coat of Wet n Wild, On a Trip. I did two coats of  Purple Haze just so I could get more sparkle!

I have no complaints with these polishes. I am really impressed with the Flamingo Pink and how well it covered. Formula is great and dry time was normal. I am excited to show you the other polishes I recieved!!

Please contact Joan thru email to purchase this polish.

*The products in this review were given/sent to me by Tip Top Nails in exchange for my honest opinion. The opinions within this review are completely my own.*

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

French Tip with Stamping

I have a nail design that I wore for a wedding reception I went to last weekend. I wanted to do an elegant design to match my purple sweater dress.
My base color is Zoya: Avery stamped with and french tip with China Glaze: VIII, stamping plate was BM-321 top coat of Out the Door.
I am not sure what the design is that I stamped I was just looking for something elegant and came upon this. Lately I have been using nude alot as a base color, there are so many options you can do with it!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Fallen Leaves, Swatch

Using my mani from yesterday I swatched Fallen Leaves from Daring Digits. This is a gorgeous micro glitter. I will have to update with a bottle shot. I would say some of the colors are green, red, gold, brown, and orange. To me it looks like crunched up leaves, very pretty.
It took one thin coat to get this coverage, great formula. Top coat made it smooth to touch.

I love this glitter! It is crazy sparkly :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall 'Clouds'

I have a beautiful collaboration of colors to show you today. I consider them to be fall colors and I haven't done the 'cloud' design in a long time so I wanted to revisit it today :)
My three colors are Zoya: Avery and Codie, Nicole by OPI: Khloe had a little Lam-Lam. Top coat of Out the Door.
I almost forgot how amazing Khloe had a little Lam-Lam was. I hope you can see the difference between the brown an green, it stood out alot more in life was hard to capture on camera. The colors are so elegant I really loved the turn out.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Fall Mani 1, Scarecrow

I have my first fall mani for you today :) I was going to do some leaves but all of a sudden I came up with this amazing idea of a scarecrow!!  I think the scarecrow face is so cute, I hope you enjoy it as well :)
Base color for sky is Color Club: Take me to your Chateau. For Scarecrow base color is Zoya: Avery. I used my nail art duo pens in black and white for the details. Top coat of Out the Door.
Hope everyone is enjoying the start of fall, I can't believe its October. More fall and Halloween mani's to come for this month :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Denim n Dasies, Swatch

I have a fun etsy polish to show you today. This one is from Daring Digits, she has so many unique polishes and I have found that she has the best formula for being home made. Last month when I went on an esty haul she was having a sale of $5 for full size bottles! I grab sooo many, hopefully I will get around to swatching more for you.
My base color is piCture pOlish: bombshell, with one coat of Daring Digits: Denim n Dasies. Top coat of Out the Door.
This glitter is gorgeous, I am a huge blue and gold fan (U of M) so this is a cute way to use these colors. I found that I had to dig alittle to get the daisies but I liked that since I was able control where they went. Except for my ring finger where the blue glitter landed perfectly in the center of the flower! There are goreous dark blue glitters that you may not be able to see cause of my base color.
*update bottle shot*

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

LDTTWC Day 8, Lets do the Time Warp Again!

Well the challenge is officially over :( I had alot of fun being a part of it. I look forward to more challenges in the future. For our last challenge we are to recreate are favorite mani from another participate. I chose to recreate Lindsay from Neverland Nail Blog Day 6 mani. Day 6 was "They sure don't make em like they used to. She choose to do the Koosh Ball. Check out her mani here.
My base color is China Glaze: I'm with the Lifeguard. I used Zoya: Robyn and Color Club: Insta This, to draw stringy lines. Top coat of Out the Door.
I realy like the colors Lindsay used, which makes her's look way better also. It was fun to wear neon's again also. Thanks Lindsay for creating the challenge as well as the cute mani that inspired me :).

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

LDTTWC, Day 7, Your Timless to Me!

One challenge left after todays! I can't believe how fast this challenge went. I hope you all have been enjoying my creations, today is in honor of something that has NEVER gone out of style. My two ideas was little black dress and pearls. I choose pearls, check out my strand of pearls...
The base color is Zoya: Avery, NYC: Sidewalkers, China Glaze: White on White, and Spectrafliar. Top coat of Out the Door.
The base color is a nude to represent skin, like the neck with pearls on it. Spectraflair added shine, I used dotting tools to create the pearls.
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Monday, October 1, 2012

Pink for the Cause

I hope everyone enjoyed their last weekend of September, I know I sure did. Now welcome to October! and in sight of Breast Cancer awareness I have my pink layout that you probably have noticed and today my awareness nails.
Base color is piCture pOlish: Fairy Floss, accent nail is Sally Girl: White, I used my new Perception polish: Fairy Jizz over the Fair Floss to add some sparkle! Using my nail art brushes I drew on a pink ribbon with Fair Floss. Top coat of Out the Door.
make sure to show your awareness this month of Breast Cancer, continue to support the cause :)